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In todays world of smartphones and data caps a great website needs to be a mobile friendly website. Just in case you don't know what a mobile friendly website is, it's a website that not only looks great on any size screen, it looks familiar on any size screen, whether that is a smart phones a tablet or a computer. Unfortunately in 2020 just having a different mobile version of your site just doesn't cut it anymore. Your website should have the same content available to your mobile users as your desktop users and the search engines want this to happen. Why? Because it makes their lives easier, they don't have to keep track of two or three different websites and they can also more reliably serve your websites info to real customers in Lowell, MA.

Not only does your website need to look and function well on any size screen, it needs to be fast, data caps are a real thing. To many people in Lowell, MA going over their data means extra money on the phone bill at the end of the month. Big search engines are noticing this and implementing changes that effect the entire internet. This is right from the horses mouth They spell it out in plain english, get your website ready or take the penalty.

You might be wondering how they can just implement this new rule and make everyone spend money on a new website. I have news for you, this isn't a new requirement. Since at least 2012, Google has had some form of mobile friendly or responsive website criteria, soon followed by Bing and Yahoo. So if you've been working with a web design company in Lowell, MA but are just hearing about this now in July 2020 it might be time to switch web design companies.

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Small Business Web design

We can make any and all existing websites mobile friendly, but the truth is if its not already mobile friendly, then it is already using old technology at its core. It might be a time for a refreshing new web design, one that makes your small business in Lowell really stand apart from the competition. We can design and build your small business website with a mobile friendly design that's attractive, eye catching and scores super high in the page speed department.

Every website we build has an intuitive easy to use content management system that will allow you the website owner to update it your self with a few clicks of your mouse. Why pay someone to change the covid-19 update on your website every week when you could easily do it your self. If you can use the internet you can update the website we build you.

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It doesn't matter if you're just shopping around or not, you will receive a free website evaluation that will tell you exactly whats wrong with your website in plain english. All you have to do is fill out the contact form with a valid email and website. Tap right here.

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  • Easy to use Easy to update interface
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