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Billerica, MA 01821. Famous for Yankee doodle dandy and some outstanding chicken bites. Originally named after it's big brother in England, Billericay. Who knew ?

Here at Get real Customers We love Billerica, MA. You have some of the friendliest small business owners around and we love to do web design in Billerica, MA. We even gave you your own page on our website, hows that for love ?

The internet and Web design has evolved so much over the past few years, not only do small business web designs need to look great on your computer, they have to look great on an ever growing list of smartphones with different screen sizes. That is what it means to be a mobile friendly website, which is a website that not only looks great on any size screen, it looks familiar on any size screen.

Whether your looking at it on a smartphone or a tablet or a computer, your website needs to be recognizable. In the spring of 2020 Google announced that just having a different mobile version of your site isn't going to work anymore. They even released a developer notice warning us of the upcoming changes to how they rank websites based solely on how they perform on a phone. Your website should have the same content available to your mobile users as your desktop users and the search engines want this to happen for two reasons.

Data caps are a real thing and major search engines are stepping up to alleviate the problem many people face, it;s more of an internet for everyone type of thing. This is right from the horses mouth They spell it out in plain english, get your website ready or take the penalty.

You might be wondering how they can just implement this new rule and make everyone spend money on a new website. I have news for you, this isn't a brand new requirement, 2020 is just the final warning. Since at least 2012, Google has had some form of mobile friendly or responsive website criteria, soon followed by Bing and Yahoo. So if you've been working with a web design company in Billerica, MA but are just hearing about this now it might be time to switch to the right web design and digital marketing team.

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Small Business Web design

We can make any and all existing websites mobile friendly, but the truth is if its not already mobile friendly, then it is already using old technology as its foundation. It might be a time for a refreshing new web design, one that makes your small business in Billerica really stand apart from the competition. We can design and build your small business website with a mobile friendly web design that's attractive, eye catching and scores super high in the page speed department. You'll even receive a 3rd party report on your website outlining the speed and optimization it utilizes.

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It doesn't matter if you're just shopping around or not, you will receive a free website evaluation that will tell you exactly whats wrong with your website in plain english. All you have to do is fill out the contact form with a valid email and website. Tap right here.

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